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Standards for guest posting

In order for your article to be published you must follow certain specifications.

In any case, we reserve the right to modify the article or not to publish it at all if it does not meet the required quality. More detail:

  • Its size should be at least 1000 words. Of course it can be bigger, as long as it remains the same quality.    
  •  The article content must be original (not copy / paste elsewhere). Google resents duplicate content … So do we!    
  •  The article may not relate to the promotion / advertising of your property, activity or business.
  • Text links should NOT be ONLY keywords to build SEO. Instead, links to external sources or internal pages / posts of the Digital Bang blog can be used.     
  • All links are do-follow (DF).   
  •  In any case, the article should add value to the reader’s handled information useful, qualitative and interesting. If you think we are not exaggerated to what we ask for, then we are waiting for your article


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